How we manufacture Leather Products

Are you searching online for reliable raw and processed leather manufacturers or trying to identify a supplier who will work with you to create unique fashion leather products such as leather handbags, purses, leather belts, leather shoes? You’ve come to the right place. go4WorldBusiness can connect you to such manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. Read on to find out how. Typically, the raw and processed leather industry (including tanneries and leather fashion industries) as well as leather product manufacturers are majorly found in countries where meat consumption is high and growing (due to demographic reasons). This is for obvious reasons – animal skins are abundantly available in such regions. The biggest countries that produce raw hides are China, India, Brazil and USA. Smaller players are found in Mexico, Euro region, Australia, Argentina, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Indonesia. Major tanning countries are – Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Turkey and USA. Major manufacturing centers operating in the leather business can be found in these regions within these following leather producing countries. Top Leather Processing and Manufacturing Centers China : Zhejiang/Haining (tanning), Zhejiang/Wenzhou (leather footwear and shoes), Hebei/Xinji (leather garments) and Guangzhou/Huadu (other leather products manufacturing) India : Jajmau – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (largest center for leather industry in India), Unnao – Uttar Pradesh (tanning), Chennai- Tamil Nadu (largest leather products exporter in India), Ambur – Tamil Nadu (tanning and leather products production), Kolkata – West Bengal (tanning) , Agra – Uttar Pradesh (leather shoes and leather footwear) and Ranipet – Tamil Nadu (finished leather and leather products). Brazil : Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Ceará USA : 90% of US produced raw hides are exported to Asian countries for processing. The regions that produce the most hides are near the meatpacking centers in South Plains and Western States of United States. Some tanning factories are located in the Northeast, Midwest and California. Leather tanneries utilize various technologies to transform raw hides into leather that can ultimately be used to produce leather products. These are Chrome Tanning – using chromium sulfates and other chrome salts, Vegetable Tanning – using tannins found in vegetable matter, Aldehyde Tanning (formaldehyde and brain tanning are part of this) – using oils derived from brains of cattle animals and fish. After tanning, leather is transformed into Full Grain Leather (high quality, used in furniture and shoes), Top Grain Leather (most common but also expensive), Split Leather (suede leather is made from this), Patent Leather (leather with plastic coating), Napa Leather (soft, supple, used in making wallets), Deerskin and Goat Skin Leather (both tough leather). Most of these forms are arrived at after sanding, buffing, removing layers from the hide. If you are looking for raw leather or any leather product what so ever, just ask these suppliers to provide you with a quotation. And if you are in a hurry, just post your RFQ for raw leather or leather products and we will have suppliers contact you.