How To Properly Maintain Your Leather Jacket

A Leather Jacket is a versatile and style staple piece for both men and women. A good quality jacket will let you stay in style for many years but to keep it at best condition, you need to treat it well. It doesn’t mean you have to wear it only once a month, you can wear it as many time as you like – as long as you are conscious about leather jacket care and clean it.

It is certain that every clothing needs caring and leather jacket is one of them. Once you purchased a leather jacket, you may ask yourself, where should I start? What are the proper guidelines I need to follow in order to increase the lifespan?

People ask a lot of questions and in this guide, I’ll answer one by one on what steps you need to follow.

Let’s get started:
Prevention is better than cure!

This quote can also be applied to other things such as maintaining a leather jacket of course! Good quality is sealed to stay with you but there is always danger ahead that will ruin the style. So what should you do to avoid ruining your jacket?

Here are some tips:
Clean it once every six months – no matter how good your jacket is, you should give it a proper cleaning. It’s up to you if you’d like to do it in every two months but I would suggest two times a year is enough. It should only be cleaned if needed.
Hang it properly – in a place where direct sunlight is not entering. Exposure to sunlight or heat can damage the color.
Don’t keep it in one place all the time – no matter if the dark closet is all clean, if you leave it for too long, your jacket will suffocate. Check it every now to see if it’s alive and in good condition.
Wear it when needed – you can minimize the risk of damaging by only wearing it when there is an appropriate occasion for it.
If it gets wet, let it dry naturally – leather absorbs waters quickly, including raindrops. If your outing has rainy adventures, you should leave the jacket to dry naturally.
How to Clean a Leather Jacket?

When it comes to buying the best quality leather, lambskin should be your priority. There are other hides as well but this one is the most common selection due to its durability. The best feature of a lambskin leather jacket is it gets better over time no matter how many times you wear it but, it doesn’t mean it will – if you decide not to maintain it. It requires caring in a similar way we do for our body skin. Which means to protect it from heat, salt, scratches, and other harmful elements. If you haven’t cleaned your leather jacket lately, this is the right time to get started. Here are some videos from experts that will show how to properly care your leather jacket.

Use brush:

If your jacket is slightly dusty or getting rustic, the best option would be a soft brush. It is recommended to carry a small brush in your pocket while traveling. There are different types of brush in the market such as that are mostly treated for leather jackets. Always consider purchasing a small brush with your leather jacket.

Use dry cloth:

Another option for cleaning small particles is to use a small dry cloth. No need to mix it with water or apply conditioner if the affected area is simply mud, rain or dusty.

How to Remove Stains from Leather Jacket?
leather jacket stains cleaning

A good quality jacket such as lambskin and cowhide are heavy which absorbs stain marks pretty easily. There are the different methods for cleaning lambskin leather such as we can use to remove dirt, dust and other visible marks – and washing it is not one of them.

If your leather jacket accidentally got coffee stains or unwanted scratches from rough roads, try using the above method but if that didn’t work, here are possible solutions.


You can obtain a leather conditioner for leather jackets. Keep in mind to select the proper one designed for cleaning leather. Some people say ironing would be great but it only adds more damage to the surface. If your leather jacket is brown, try searching for a brown leather condition. The same method goes for other colors.

Leather Cleaning Sprays:

Rubbing any stain with leather cleansers will easily remove any stain. Mix damp cloth with a little bit of water and alcohol then, rub it on the affected area. Just make sure to do it slowly, don’t put too much pressure on the affected area, it might damage the piece.


No matter how much you care your leather jacket and love your jacket but unintentionally or accidentally your jacket can get scratches. There are two kinds of scratches, minor and deep. For deeper, you should look for a professional to fix the dent but for minor, you can fix it at home. All you need is a few things to remove the scratches from your jacket.

Wet Cloth – clean the scratched area from wet cloth or brush and remove all the dust. Better to clean the whole jacket to find scratches on the jacket.
Oil – use cotton or smooth cloth or rags to apply leather jacket oil, put 3-5 drops of oil on a rag and apply gently on the affected surface in a circular motion. Leave to dry for a while which darks the scratched area and hide the light areas.
Lotion or Cream – cream and lotion for the leather jackets are available in the market; get the cream which suits with your jacket. Apply the cream on the scratched surface and place the wet cloth or rag on the surface. Start applying blow dryer above the rag and rub the area softly which makes the surface smooth and helps to absorb the lotion or cream.
Marker – pen or marker is also a good thing to hide the scratches. Just get the right one and apply on the scratched line to hide it completely. It is easy and best method if the same color pen is available.
Polish – after that apply the leather shoe polish on targeted area properly with the help of soft cotton then allow the jacket to dry. Again polish with a brush to make sure no lighter areas are visible and surface shine is good as like new.
Spray Protector – spray the leather protector on the polished area as well as on the whole jacket to secure a leather jacket. It resists water and helps to increase the life of the leather jacket.

It is easy to clean the jacket but it is more difficult to dry it completely. Because any mistake can damage the skin of the leather. My personal suggestion is to use only natural methods to dry the jacket.

Never use Drying Marching – leather jacket does not behave like normal clothes so never dry it with a machine. It is a heavier and a sensitive thing and if you put it into the spin dryer, it can stretch and its color may change due to friction.

Hang it – hang the jacket on a wide padded hanger in the open air such as garage or garden to allow the water to drip out from the jacket. It may take time to dry out completely depending upon the inner lining of the jacket. Do not hang the jacket in a direct sunlight or extreme warm area otherwise cracks may appear, color may fade and chances of shrinking will be increased. After the jacket is completely dry, apply a conditioner to make good as new.

innerlining of leather jacket

Other reasons why people consider purchasing an expensive leather jacket is because of internal lining. Its job is to give you comfort and protects your body but that doesn’t mean you should not maintain or clean it. First, you need to know the types of inner-lining.

For Summer and Warm Weather – Viscose Lining

Especially during these seasons, you should better opt for a viscose lining. It’s a silky and soft fabric designed to comfort the garment and improve flexibility. What makes it the most wanted is due to the appealing softness that it provides to the wearer. Let’s break it down


Breathable and light
Absorbs moisture
Dries quickly

Wrinkles easily
Shrinks after washing
Not a good option for colder months
For Winter/Fall Season – Fur Jackets
fur lining

The cold season brings a lot of fashion trends and one of them is the fur shearling jacket. An urban choice that has a special place in every man’s wardrobe. They are incredibly crafted and regarded as a luxurious statement piece to pamper your winter experience. It comes in two types, faux and real. Faux looks exactly like the real but there is a quality difference. While real fur lining is durable and versatile enough to keep you warm all day. Here are reasons why you should and should not consider it.


Appealing and warm
Stops cold wind
Rugged look

inside jacket cleaning

The more you wear your jacket, the more it absorbs your sweat and in the end, released unpleasant smell and here’s what you need to do to get rid of it.

Air it out – leave your jacket out for a bit in the open air. Hang it somewhere away from the direct sunlight.
Vinegar – mix it in a bottle and spray it inside of the jacket and once it is soaked, let it dry naturally. There are also vinegar solutions available in the market.
Wash – use a mild detergent with water and dip a clean sponge in it. Squeeze any remaining water and wipe the areas that collect odor such as armpits and collar. It’s not a good idea to wash a leather jacket.
One must be aware of cleaning inside area because there is always a risk of damaging the fabric. If your jacket is a little bit dusty from the inside, I would suggest you use the following methods

Soft Brush – just like cleaning exterior part of a leather jacket, you can use it inside of it.
Blower – use it at a variable speed to remove dust or any environmental particle left inside.
Water and Dryer – if there is a stain inside, clean it off with a partially wet cloth and then dry it off.

When you finally got out-grow of it or decided not to wear it for some time, store it in a safe place where it won’t get any damage. For storage of jacket, you can adopt these habits and tricks.

Clean the surface:
You should clean the jacket by damp cloth or brush because dirt and dust can damage the quality of the jacket if you leave as it is for a long time. Clean gently from top to bottom and front to back to ensure no particles or grains left.

Wrap it:
Wrap your jacket into white cotton sheets or bags or clean fabrics which are breathable and good for leather jackets. Do not store in plastic bags because it can dry it and add scuffs and cracks.

Do not place the jacket in an open room or near the heat source. Place it into a closet or wooden box to save it from humidity and high temperature because it can cause cracks.

Wooden hangers:
The important thing you need is to use a wide padded or wooden hanger to maintain the shape of the leather jacket.

Give it a regular check:
Check your jacket at least once in a month to see whether it is in good condition, alive and breathing.

These are simple and easy methods to follow for leather jacket care and extend its life. If you’re new or don’t have much idea about cleaning stuff, send your leather jacket to the professionals. They usually have all the items needed to fix and polish leathers. Hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to read our other leather guides.

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