PU vs Real Leather Jacket – What’s The Difference?

The purpose of wearing a leather jacket is not just to look “total badass” but it should also give you enough protection and only the best quality has this feature.

When searching out for a good quality jacket, customers usually get confused between PU and Real Leather. People who are aware of leather products can easily identify the difference, but who are not, end up getting a fake piece.

And if you accidentally purchased one just to save a few dollars, you’ll sure to start hating it very soon.

In this guide, I’ll cover the essential points that you need to know before purchasing a leather jacket and even discuss the pros and cons of the two materials.

What is a PU Leather Jacket?
PU (Polyurethane) is also called faux leather. The material is made from plastic and usually cost less as compared to the original. A jacket made from this material looks almost identical to genuine leather and it’s hard to tell at first sight but you’ll sure to notice the difference after a few months.

Is PU Leather Jacket Durable?
PU leather

Fair answer – No!

The lower-cost substitute of Genuine Leather, don’t have much resistance power and easily gets affected even by the sweat of your body. However, high-quality ones might just survive for the next two years or more – only if you use it with care.

Look and feels like Genuine Leather.
Shiny appearance.
Easier to clean
Lighter weight
Good for mild climate regions with occasional rains.
Artificial Leather
Thicker than Real Leather
Bulky in some cases
It smells like Chemical
Easily gets affected by body sweat and oil.
Cannot withstand heat
Starts to peel or crack in less than a year (if used too much)
These are common details that a buyer must know. Note – some PU leather jackets may vary depending on which brand is manufacturing and considering the cost. It can only be noted after wearing it for some time.

Is Genuine Leather and Real Leather the same thing?
Some people confuse genuine leather with real. If you search synonyms of real or genuine in Google, it will show both as same meaning. That doesn’t mean the words are also the same for leather material. Let me explain further…

Many companies label genuine as real but sometimes, it falls in this category and sometimes not — for example, A leather brand selling two jackets at different prices. One is for $199 while the second jacket is for $299, but both referred to as “GENUINE.”

My point, there is a difference in the quality of both jackets because the one with less price might be made of bonded leather, which only includes leftovers of real leather. So don’t always think all genuine leather is real, and I recommend analyzing the material before purchasing the product.

Is Real Leather any good?

Real Leather Jackets are known for its toughness and durability but in terms of price – it cost more.

Even if it cost extra, the upgraded features will definitely give you a lasting experience such as environmental resistance like heat, water and in some part, against cold snow.

How Real Leathers Are Made?
Real leather hide

Real leather jackets are made of animal hides like lamb, sheep, and horses. The most common hide utilized to make good quality jackets is lambskin. It is soft, skin-friendly and offers an everlasting experience.

Gives a luxury look
Highly durable
Last longer than PU
Gets better over time
Protects from wind, heat, and cold
Dries naturally if gets wet during rainfall
Higher Price
Requires proper caring
How to identify?
Lastly, we need to see the difference when buying a PU and Real Leather Jacket. Now, this can tricky sometimes but one thing you should know is real leather gets wrinkled when pressed too hard but PU just stays natural. See this picture.

Real Vs PU Leather comparison

Here’s a guide to Identifying a Genuine Leather Jacket.

Arguably, Real Leather Jacket looks like it’s worn out but, that’s how it suppose to look. While the artificial leather looks like a genuine piece but the benefits are totally opposite. If you’re searching for a jacket that tends to flatter more and give you enough protection, go for a Real Leather Jacket. PU Jackets may cost you less at first but you may also end up putting more money on returning or fixing it.

So next time, when you’ll go to buy a leather jacket, always pick the right quality. Check out our amazing Leather Jackets made from 100% real leather that is versatile, durable and won’t cost you a fortune. Shop our picks today!

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